Our History

Our History

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 by the Italian entrepreneur Aurelio Peccei and the Scottish scientist Alexander King aiming to ponder upon the then prevailing concept of economic growth understood as panacea for social issues. Thus, important figures from different areas of action and from different countries began to gather to reflect and discuss about the possible impact of infinite growth on the environment, and the future of mankind. Among them, there were scientists, intellectuals, businesspeople, politicians, humanists and members of the Royal Houses.

In 1970, The Club of Rome decided to commission a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to conduct a study on trends and economic problems that threatened the global society. The study involving 17 experts under the direction of Donnatella and Dennis Meadows, was performed using the latest system dynamics technique known at that time: The World 3.

The results were disclosed in March 1972, under the title “The Limits to Growth”. The report and its findings had an unprecedented impact which greatly marked the conceptual shift of the 70’s and a remarkable turnabout of the thought on environmental issues.

The Argentinean Chapter, created in 1990, was dissolved shortly after the death of its president, Dr Saturnino Montero Ruiz.

After 10 years of silence, in 2006, the Club of Rome grants the authorization for re-establishing the Chapter, initiative that occurs in the context of the international revival of the organization.

Since its resumption, the Argentinean Chapter organizes events, meetings, publications, and promotes and supports initiatives on current crucial issues regarding the peaceful evolution of society and its sustainable development in all aspects.

Since 2006 the Argentinean Chapter nonstop deals with climate change, sustainable energy, economic development, geo-engineering, education and regional integration, with the participation of the most prestigious scientists, intellectuals, experts and prominent figures of our country and the world, and dedicated and outstanding youths.

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