The Club of Rome, founded in 1968 by Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King, is a non-profit organization that is free from political, ideological or religious bias. Its main mission is to act as a change catalyst through the identification and the analysis of mankind’s crucial issues so as to propose long-term sustainable policies.

Having detected the absence of Latin America in International discussion and decision spheres, the Argentinean, Brazilian and Mexican Chapters of the Club of Rome have agreed on carrying out a collaborative task with the aim of strengthening the Region so that it can play a more active role in the International forum, where its voice should be heard more and its view should be taken more into account. It is the purpose of the Chapters that met here to encourage the intelligentsia from our nations so that they can assume their participative duty and contribute to the search of solutions for global issues.

We are in a Century in which the approach to difficult global issues requires dialogue and long-term vision. Latin American should actively participate in the analysis and definition of solutions with local, regional and global proposals, stating their specific issues on the agenda of world concerns and interests.

The Chapters that have met today seek to carry out collaborative and coordinated work to address the main issues: the environment, natural resources and services like water, energy and food, the education for the XXI century, science, technology and innovation, citizenship training in a system of values such as ethics, justice, freedom, equality, respect and labour, which are essential to guarantee democracy and favour the development of a culture that facilitates the pacific solution of controversies, the defeat of poverty, the reduction of disparity and of the existing large inequalities.

The goals of the Latin American Chapter attending this first meeting are to analyze and think Latin America, and include it in the international discussion forum, favouring an atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and reflection of common topics. To do so, the Latin American Chapters are committed to addressing several issues in a multisectoral and interdisciplinary way and with future vocation, which is typical of the Club of Rome.

In this first meeting held in Buenos Aires, it has also been agreed to:

1. Present a regional proposal in the Continental Dialogue to be held in Ottawa next May.

2. Create a Latin American proposal for the annual meeting of the Club of Rome to be held in New Delhi in November this year.

3. Present a collaborative proposal on environmental issues of our continent in the meeting of Río + 20 to be held in Brazil in 2012.

4. Establish Aurelio Peccei Award for research and development as an opportunity for Latin American youths who excel in the Club of Rome areas of interest and work.


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