Imagining an individual and humanity sustainable for life, peace and happiness, is to imagine a real possibility, whose realization depends, to a large extent, on a deep change in formal education.

New educational models should include individuals in a holistic manner, without neglecting the spiritual dimension that is central to their complex physical intellectual and spiritual unit.

An education that privileges above all things the look and the material conditions of life hinders the complete fulfilment of a human being to be able to pursue and achieve success through a way governed by values.

Today it is urgent to find a balance between material satisfaction, ethical discernment, and spiritual motivation.

The harmony of these three dimensions of man makes it more likely for him to achieve the highest human aspirations. The lack of material goods causes well-known devastating effects; but in the same way, the ethical oversight as well as the uncontrolled passions evidence painful consequences on individuals and societies. Generally, the major human sufferings and social failures have their deepest origin in ethical and moral weakness of men.

Educating an individual to develop human qualities is the first step towards a better world.

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