Eng. Mario A. Wiegers

Eng. Mario A. Wiegers


Eng. Mario A. Wiegers graduated in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the National University of La Plata. Then he studied Economics at the George Washington University (USA).

He gained professional experience working in the field of energy, and started being part of the first National Energy Plan prepared by TAMS companies – Kennedy & Donkin for the World Bank and the Argentine Government. Then he took advanced courses in England, and was part of many projects in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, with Kennedy & Donkin British Consultants. Later on, he became Partner of the firm.

From 1974 to 1977, he joined the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington, and was Head of Missions for Energy Projects in Jamaica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and other countries.

Upon his return to Argentina, he was National Director of Energy Planning, Director of Water and Electric Energy, and finally Assistant Secretary of the Energy Office, whereby he was responsible for the entire Energy Sector in Argentina. From these positions, he was responsible for managing and negotiating the financing terms of major projects, such as Alicurá, Yacyretá, Piedra del Aguila, and the Electric Interconnection System at 500 KV.

He is founder and President of EDESA SAC, a company formed by Consulting Engineers that participated in, and led projects such as Corpus, Yacyretá, Garabí, etc., and others involving 2,000 km of 500 KV lines.

He was consultant at the IDB, the World Bank, Fonplata, etc. He has published many works and given many lectures in Argentina, while he gave remarkable speeches on energy integration in England, Brazil, the United Nations (New York), Chile, Portugal, Japan, etc.

As a Member of the World Energy Council, he led the “Transitional Energy Markets” research study, and was part of the “Energy Market Reforms” review.

He is Vice-President for Latin America of the Energy Commission of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (FEMOI- Federación Mundial de Organizaciones de Ingeniería), and was VP of the World Engineers’ Convention held in Argentina in 2010.

He is Director of the Commission of the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome. He has been decorated by the Government of Brazil with the Order of Rio Branco for his efforts to achieve integration of Brazil and Argentina in the field of energy.

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