Silvia Zimmermann del Castillo

Silvia Zimmermann del Castillo


Silvia Zimmermann del Castillo is a Writer graduated in Philosophy at the National University of Buenos Aires, School of Philosophy and Arts. She founded the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome and she is a member of its Board of Directors, besides being Full Member of the International Club of Rome (CoR) and its Executive Director. She is a permanent writer for the opinion page of an Argentine prestigious newspaper, La Nación. She was a disciple and collaborator of Jorge Luis Borges.

She studied anthropology at l’Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, La Sorbonne, Paris. (1973 -1976).  She is regularly invited to lecture on Latin American literature and thought at the University of Bath, UK (2010), University of Bologna, Italy (2009), the European Union Commission, Brussels, Belgium (2008), Pedro Henríquez Ureña University, Dominican Republic (1993 – 2003) and Santo Domingo Book Fair, Dominican Republic (2006), Simon Bolívar University, Quito, Ecuador (1998) and the University of Paris (1993).

She has been appointed Ambassador of Peace (2010) and appears in the Dictionary of Argentinean Women (Ed. Plus Ultra, Buenos Aires, 1983). Since 2013, is Art and Contents Director of Magic Gardens Animation Studios.

Some of her published books:

  • La dimensión de lo imposible, la posibilidad oculta de un continente (The Dimension of the Impossible, the Hidden Possibility of a Continent), Buenos Aires, Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 1993
  • Manuel y la lluvia (Manuel and the Rain), Santo Domingo, Banco Central de República Dominicana, 2006
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