II Extraordinary Forum: prized talks and returning

II Extraordinary Forum: prized talks and returning

The Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome wants to thank to the exhibitors and those who have been with them during their presentations.

Presentations arouse the following thoughts:


It is an interesting contribution that of suggesting an alternative to the educational model consisting of all doing the same thing at the same time. The improvement of the relationship between the dynamics of teaching and the dynamics of learning can mean an advance towards a more pleasant and efficient educational system.

In effect, each individual has its own time to learn what the teacher gives. However, the basic functioning of the educational systems is based on teaching knowledge to an homogenous group of individuals, giving less attention to the guide and face to face assistance teacher-student, which precisely is where the teacher learns to adjust his teaching methods and where he finds out the time each individual needs to learn.

If it is reasonable to orientate the educational systems to the ideal of the individual self-fulfillment, then it is right to modernize the teaching technics so that they are more adequate to stimulating such end, from the initial scholar levels. In this sense, stimulation can be a good way to respect the particularities of each student.

One of the challenges of the new educational models will be that of better conjugating the transfer of knowledge with the dedicated companion of individuals towards its full development.

As for the rest, the balance between the teacher-group interaction and the teacher-student interaction can be optimized in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, free from aspects that could generate violence, boredom or uneasiness.


Indeed, education for sustainability does not yet occupy a relevant place in educational models. That is why, it is reasonable to assume unsuspected positive effects if education in this issue would occupy the place it should be given, furthermore, considering the extremely critical situation of the environment.

Supposedly an individual educated in sustainability not only would develop a respectful behavior with the environment but also, most probably will open a new horizon of ideas to serve the human progress in all its aspects.

Today no one questions the need to adopt a sustainable behavior because the critical situation of the environment requires so. Equally necessary, and urgent, is the ethical behavior of humans with other humans. Educating individuals in a sustainable and ethical life is an imperative of our times.

The above mentioned self-fulfillment and ethical judgment should be stimulated with the same intensity from the very initial educational levels, as self-fulfillment in itself, dissociated from ethical behavior, can cause the same instabilities to be avoided.

Incorporating those aspects to the educational models would certainly influence in society to change towards a paradigm of sustainable life, ethical, and with new possibilities of human progress, hard to imagine nowadays.

We respectfully salute you,
Argentine Chapter of the Club of Rome

Prized presentations

Due to the considerations provided, the Jury has decided, in this occasion, to reward both presentations.

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