The Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome highly appreciates those who lectured and shared their comments on the meeting. Club de Roma also wants to thank those who voted and read the presentations.

Presentations exposed were very interesting. We would like to highlight some issues that we consider fundamental for the practice of easier ways of improving development and social progress:

On the presentation of Guille84, it was underlined the importance of the spiritual side of the human being as a necessary balance towards the material progress.
In the presentation of marianoturziy, it was highlighted the progress as a process on improving. To help the human being to reinforce their best values and become a better person.
In the presentation of MarianitaD, the concept of sustainable development as a guide for progress and the abandonment of anthropocentrism.
In the presentation of Caruli72, the importance of making an effort on things that have to be done and to give what we can give.
In Tina’s lecture, the cyclical renewal of the concept of progress and the need for versatility and flexibility in a constantly changing reality; the transformation that emerge from art, life and customs.
Manuel ‘s paper was about to offer happiness in order to human progress; the balance between knowledge, morality and art; to upgrade the quality of life in a sustainable way; and to raise the quality of life in a sustainable way, and the vision of the future.
In the presentation of Denis H., the progress as an endogenous process or that becoming from an organizational structure; ethics and ethics demand.
Sara exposed the importance of knowing the natural systems dynamics; the practice of human values in order to strengthen the spirit; the ethical consumption; the need to have committed leaders; a new education.
On the presentation of csciccone, the importance of the individual responsibility towards a sustainable development; the need of working on raising awareness; the respect for the future generations to come; the States and International Organizations control on sustainable development.

The presentations were followed by the following reflections:

The question on how we want to live and progress in a more balanced way would be one of the special features of history because that question is found everywhere, through all levels of human life and different societies and cultures of the planet as never before. Nowadays diferent actions are being achieved through the concept of sustainable development; this might be proving that there is a real attempt for giving satisfactory answers to those transcendental queries.

To realize about the importance of some of the different issues raised up during the lectures (happiness, spirituality, love, ethics, ect) for a healthy human development it is apparently in a process of growth and consolidation.

While those aspects considered negative from reality may often make us doubt, those aspects do not neutralize the process of consciousness raising. It has to do with the ethical understanding and spiritual assimilation of the mistake which means the subjugation of the other human being or entity of life. This would mean an important step towards the naturalization of respect to others that has been practiced from a biocentric point of view.

Achieving sustainable development depends on the assimilation and practice, as it does not seem possible to reach a level of sustainable development, stable and durable without applying environmental ethics. This includes some issues such as the sustainable production, responsible consumption and individual responsibility through our lifes.

The current concern about the environmental impact on our way of living and the consequent actions taken by a great number of people in order to avoid the environmental damage, it can be a good sign for raising our consciousness.

To achieve sustainable development and progress to match is one of our present time challenges. Somehow we have started to walk on the right way, and it will depend on the commitment made to determine how long it will take to establish a sustainable life.

The path of sustainable development and progress seems to be quickly showing the spiritual side of human being, which must be understood and practiced through its most basic way: love. Although there are some difficulties for practicing it due to the type of system we live in, an expansion of love related to natural life can be observed.

It is very important to have a sustainable way of living to have respect for life and for the environment. Love empowers and strengthens this path of individual excellence.

As it was exposed on the lectures presented there are different factors acting in the progress of societies. We would like to underline that creativity and human ingenuity are nowadays of the most demanded factors due to the environmental emergencies. Those factors depend on the research of what is new, what is useful, what is good and convenient.

Capítulo Argentino del Club de Roma

Awarded Presentations

On this occasion, the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome has decided to award a first and a second prize.

The first award has been given to Manuel. All actors of society are obliged to procure happiness and create the conditions for the future and to force oneself to upgrade quality life. It is interesting to remark these aspects as the society progress indicators.

We would like to point out that his example on Scandinavian countries improves the analysis as we take into account the problems in those societies as complex as admirable.

The second award of $3000 goes to Tina. Her idea of the transformation raising through the linking of life, art and customs has been positively valuated. It is expected that the meeting between this link and the conscience expansion above mentioned give a result of unexpected and unprecedented transformations.
It was also very interesting the ideas about flexibility and versatility, which can be executed easily on those societies that do not have the intention of making actions to fit in a rigid conceptual framework or a strong defined ideology.

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