Trees Event

Trees Event

The 29th August 2013 the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome took place the Trees Event in which different point of views were underlined. At the ceremony, Manuel Augusto Greco y Agustina Fae were awarded with the Intellectual Creativity Award about “Progress in Societies”.

Professor Carmelo Sardinas Ullpu had the opportunity to speak about “Sacred Trees”.
Professor Carmelo Sardinas Ullpu is Quechua Elder Brother, President of the Origin Villages. He has been honored as Member of the First Board of Directors of Potosí City and Member of the Academy of Quechua Language located in Peru. He is Professor of Quechua Language in the National University of La Matanza and the Agronomy Faculty.

Eng. Julio García Velasco referred to “Forestation and Sustainable Development”.
Julio A. García Velasco is Industrial Engineer.
He has managed innovation and industrial reconversion projects in Argentina and Latin America.
He has been Director of Engineering and New Projects in several siderurgical companies. As Corporative Director of Quality and Technology of Techint Group, he has implemented the program for sustainable development for the whole organization.
He has been Executive President to the Foundation for Technological Development and the National Institute for Industrial Technology. He has participated in a number of Argentinian Delegations to international organizations for normalization and climate change.
He is Professor of Operations in the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires and the University T. di Tella. He is Director of the Arrayanes Group.
He is an active member of the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome.

Eng. Carlos Thays spoke about “The tree: many possible visions”.
Carlos Thays is Agronomy Engineer and Landscapist.
He is the fourth generation of a family devoted to the landscape.
Author of “The Green Spaces in Buenos Aires” for Urban Problems in Buenos Aires, OIKOS, Bs. As (1194). “Borgesian labyrinth for the City of Buenos Aires” on the International Congress of landscape architecture (1996). “La Pampa, dialectical landscape” together with the Architect Jorge Baya Casal, in the Congress of the Regional Landscape, City of Córdoba (1999) among others.

President, Dr. Alfredo Davérède, closed the event with a brief reflection on the importance of encouraging through more actions to contribute to the social happiness. Actions on the tree matters with the Water and Youth Movement in order to contribute emotional, esthetic, physical and spiritual well-being of the society.

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