Tree Week – 3rd edition

Tree Week – 3rd edition

From August 24th to 31st it will be held again the Tree Week, with the participation of institutions, municipalities, nurseries and citizens from around the country.

After the success of the 2nd edition in which were planted more than 30,000 trees, the Water and Youth Movement Argentina, together with the Argentine Chapter of the Club of Rome, come back to organize and boost the Tree Week. From the 24th to the 31st of August activities of planting, adoption and donation of native trees will be held. In addition, workshops and awareness seminars on the importance of trees to the environment will be carried out.

The 3rd Tree Week has the support of UNICEF Argentina, the Argentine Federation of Municipalities, La Bioguía and more than 100 institutions in the country. Its main goal is to strengthen the bond between man and his surroundings through the simple and free act of planting native trees. Thus, the campaign points to the construction of a new social and environmental paradigm.

To achieve that goal, during Tree Week, nurseries and independent producers across the country will donate trees to citizens and institutions wishing to adopt and plant them. Moreover, organizations and municipalities in different provinces will hold planting actions and workshops open to the community. All these activities can be found in the georeferenced map of the campaign through the website:

This edition, as well as held in Argentina, will also be carried out in several Latin American countries like Mexico and Colombia. The more trees are planted less the impact of Greenhouse Effect Gases, helping to reduce the effects of Climate Change. In addition to the myriad of socio-environmental services that trees offer us: produce food, purify the air, produce oxygen, improve the climate, protect the soil, increase water infiltration in soil, beautify the environment and influence the mood of inhabitants, among many others.

For more information about the campaign or participate in it, please visit or contact via email

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