Who we are

Who we are

The Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome subscribes to the principles of the International Club of Rome in order to serve as a catalyst for new initiatives as regards addressing world issues, and holds as an action principle, becoming involved in aspects that concern the world, promoting social understanding of the reality in which we live as an interdependent global system.

The Club of Rome is a global think tank and an innovation and initiative centre, a non-profit organization that brings together prestigious entrepreneurs, economists, scientists, intellectuals and politicians from the five continents.

Its institutional mission is to act as a global, independent and non-official catalyst of the changes the world is experimenting. From its advantageous position as regards the human resources it gathers, the quality of its proposals and the tools it has, it favours far-reaching and strong impact initiatives.

It does its work considering the “world problematique”, a concept coined by the Club of Rome to spot and address crucial issues of political, economic, technological, environmental, sociological and cultural order that humanity as a whole faces.

Finding solution to this “problematique”, noticing the interdependence of the problem in this era of globalization, and attending the inter-disciplines that converge in the approach, is the leading purpose of the Organization.

The Club of Rome operates according to an agenda that includes global priority issues. To meet its goals it takes advantage of national associations or Chapters and of the Club of Rome – European Support Centre.

Part of the researches are conducted by organizations or teams of prestigious specialists, alien to the organization, but summoned by it.

In recent years, and due to planetary emergencies, the Club of Rome has decided to move from warning to action. So regular meetings, public or private, as well as with heads of governments or Ministers are celebrated while, at the same time, it encourages and supports private initiatives.

The Club of Rome Annual International Assembly takes place in different parts of the world where the reports concerning to the year work are disclosed and discussed.

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