The Bandera de la Paz (The Flag of Peace) is an acknowledgement awarded by the Mil Milenios de Paz organization and the PEA Foundation. This award further engages our Chapter to honor such high distinction.

Peace-building depends on substantial, ethical and emotional issues that cannot be neglected.

Undoubtedly, the satisfaction of the basic material needs for life is an unavoidable aspect, and a sine-qua-non foundation, to achieve peace.

However, the ethical discernment, the substantial practice of certain principles of conduct, and the promotion of the supreme feeling of love, are no less important to start seriously walking the path towards a more consistent and stable peace scenario.

Material deficiencies, lack of respect, failure to recognize others, intolerance, self-centeredness, verbal incitement to violence, resentment and hate, are the great impediments that hamper moving towards increasingly perfect peace scenarios.

In stark contrast, material well-being, the development of ethical discernment, the practice of values and the incentive of love, are the unavoidable foundations for a pacific reality.

Societies own the Education tool to raise individuals qualified to live in a peaceful community, and fit to consolidate the culture of peace.

It is the individual’s daily duty to build a peaceful society, since their actions and words are continuously nourishing an environment that may favor or disfavor peacemaking.

Yet, it is the rulers’ high duty to provide and ensure the essential political and social peace conditions for the development of the lives of the people.

To understand peace as a wise measure to achieve balance, and as the interaction between the individual’s civil responsibility and the political responsibility of the leaders of a nation educated on peace values, will be the first warranty for peace building.

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