Dr. Alfredo Juan Luis Davérède

Dr. Alfredo Juan Luis Davérède


Alfredo Juan Luis Davérède is a Certified Public Accountant, graduated from Buenos Aires National University (UBA). He is both, Argentinean and Italian and has extensive experience as an entrepreneur.  He started his corporate journey as managing partner in A. Davérède y Risso SRL, a family run company in the textile industry, founded in 1905. Since that first experience to date, he has carried out different activities.

Currently he chairs the Argentinean Chapter of The Club of Rome. In the business area, he is President of the Argentinean-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Argentinean-Chilean and Argentinean-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce, and of the Buenos Aires American Club. He is a Permanent Director of the Argentinean-Chinese Chamber of Production, Industry and Commerce, and member of the Board on behalf of the Argentinean-Israeli Chamber of Commerce in the Foreign and Binational Chamber of Commerce Association (UCCEB).

In the service area, he is president of Instituto Mandatario de Recaudaciones S.A., Cofefir Compañía Federal de Fiscalización de Recaudaciones S.A., Dirección y Coordinación de Proyectos S.A., Air Genesis S.A., Rosario Future Exchange (ROFEX), and vice president of More Argentina S.A. In the commercial and real estate field in Argentina, he is president of Compañía Americana de Inversiones S.A., Compañía Americana de Inmuebles S.A., and Inversiones y Emprendimientos S.A. In Uruguay, he chairs Las Tenazas S.A. and Pluvale S.A. (real estate companies). In the industrial enterprises field, he is president of ECOMAD S.A. and shareholder and founding partner of Petroquímica Cuyo S.A.I.C. In the area of agricultural enterprises in Uruguay: He is president of Campo Blanco S.A. and managing partner of Eastlands S.R.L.

He was Professor at the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentine Catholic University (UCA) and the University of Belgrano (UB). Currently is member of the Economic and Social Council of the Torcuato Di Tella University. His main desire is to contribute in education and to generate ideas in the building of a better world for future generations.

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