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Conductor José Luis Merlin

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 24, 1952. He is concertist, composer and guitar teacher since 1967, researcher and disseminator of instrumental technique. He studied Guitar, Theory and Solfeggio with Vicente Degese; he perfected himself with Abel Carlevaro and took studies of Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and Instrumentation with Leonidas Arnedo. He performed more than twenty international tours: Spain, Austria, USA (over 100 concerts), Canada, Cuba, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil and Uruguay. He held concerts in prestigious venues such as: Centro Cultural de la Villa (Madrid, Spain), United Nations (New York, USA), Meridian House International (Washington, USA), Museum of Art of Dallas and Detroit (USA), Theatre Juan Bravo (Segovia, Spain), Teatro Nacional Cervantes (Buenos Aires), on radio and state broadcasters of Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, California and Texas (USA), as well as on the international broadcasting service Deutsche Welle DW (Germany), and was invited on five occasions as a teacher to give classes and lectures at universities in the USA and Germany.

He performed concerts as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestras of Rosario and San Juan and chamber music with quartets Buenos Aires, Quartet Hispano-American, Sudamérica, Musicámara, del Plata and Merlin Group. Co-founder and first president of the Association Integration Guitarrística Argentina. Founder and Director of the Center of Musical Studies. He edited more than ten discographic works in Japan, Austria and Argentina. He composed TRAVESÍA music (Guitar, witness for five centuries), oratorio for guitar, recite voice, mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra (texts by José Tcherkasky). He aso composed works for solo guitar, guitar and cello, guitar and string quartet, piano and singing, etc. The works are edited by publishers “Tuscany Publications” and Shamrock (Austria) (distributed by” Theodore Presser “(New York)). He made arrangements and adaptations of works by Beethoven, Scarlatti, Bach and Piazzolla, and he also turned musical poems by Nicander Pereyra and Antonio Esteban Agüero. He is currently Director of the Music Department of the Conservatory Mundo-Velázquez in Madrid.

Alexandra Syniakova

First Flute Symphony of the Orchestra of Kiev, Alexandra Syniakova was born in Kiev in 1981. She began her studies of flute at the age of 8.

In 1996, she entered the Music Institute Rusa Glier of Kiev, where she continued her studies, which deepened later in the Ukrainian National Music Academy Tchaikovsky.

Between 1997 and 2007 she was a soloist of Ensemble of Klezmer Jewish Music “Nigunim”, performing shows in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Russia.

She deserved the Golden Hanukia Award of Germany and the 1st Prize for Kleizmer Music of Russia, among others. Since 2002 she is a soloist of the Ukrainian National Symphony Orchestra.


It is a group formed in 2006 by young artists from different provinces of our country, as well as Latin American neighbours, convinced that in every sound and every silence there is more than what is accessible to the senses, and that this constitutes the essence of musical act as the expression and witness of men.

They gave presentations in several countries around the world and participated in several national and international competitions in which they received repeated mentions and awards. Among others, in the Ave Verum International Choir Competition, carried out in Baden, Austria, the choir won five awards including 1st prize in its category for the interpretation of Renaissance music, for the repertoire, the public prize and the Grand Prix of the City of Baden.

The choir also participated in Florilège Vocal of Tours, France, important international competition member of the European Grand Prix circuit. In the competition they got the Grand Prix from Ville de Tours, so they deserved a place to participate, together with five other choirs of the world’s highest level, in the final of the European Grand Prix 2013 in Guido D’Arezzo, Italy, the highest coral distinction of the world.

Jorge Drexler (Participation)

UNESCO Water Ambassador, he wrote especially for the Water Concert of Argentine Chapter of the Club of Rome the concert ending theme that will be played by all the artists on stage.

Jorge Drexler is a Uruguayan songwriter, Oscar winner for Best Original Song, as well as of a large amount of awards and nominations of international level.

His lyrics were interpreted by renowned artists such as: Ana Belén, María Rita, Víctor Manuel, Pablo Milanés, Miguel Ríos, Ketama, Neneh Cherry, Ana Torroja, David Broza, Rosario Flores, Jovanotti, Paulinho Moska, Vitor Ramil, Jaime Roos, Adriana Varela, Mal de Amores and Bajofondo Tango Club.




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