IV Special Forum: Sport in today’s world

IV Special Forum: Sport in today’s world

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The competition was held from 26 to 30 May 2014.


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It is important not to forget that the personal significance of sport is very complex, some people can do exercises to feel better, others may seek the excitement and the high risk, some do it for weight loss, others to get healthy living for 100 years and others with the aim of social integration.
Ie, one that keeps an active lifestyle has its own motivations.
Daley AJ (2002) pointed out “that the children see the sports and extracurricular physical activities, such as only for those capable, talented and good sportsmen.”
Thought that was generated perhaps because in schools were traditionally developed extracurricular physical activities and competitive participation in physical education classes without guidelines for the preparation of adult sensibility.
This emphasis was denying to many people the opportunity to participate in daily activities, which can get a satisfaction and inclination to remain active throughout their lives.
My current activity is to carry out preventive checks on adults from 20 to 70 years, which includes conducting clinical history, basic biometric, clinical and cardiological control.
Getting from here a subtle knowledge that the vast majority of people are with high risk factors for developing disease, others have diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism and ignore it.
Are cause of diseases lifestyles as ways of eating, stress and a sedentary lifestyle. Very few people include sport within their daily activities.
Brodie Roberts (1994) have argued that sport is the activity of a minority among a large majority of inactive people.
According to the previously mentioned, publications already exist that UNICEF is incorporating the power and potential of sport, recreation and play in his work in countries around the world.
Today’s reality shows sedentary adults, I dare to say that the progress of technology, the prevailing insecurity, it seems that contributed to a large majority leave out sports activities, games extinction in wasteland, for example.
Leaving envision that sport is not being taken very much into account as a partner in the development of healthier societies.
There are some proposals for the development of physical and sporting activities in the most positive side, one can also see complaints to management policies that take into account the sport in all its dimensions, requests that require greater attention to physical education and school sport in education and training plans in order to encourage active and healthy styles of life.
The sport can be part of the integral formation of the human being, in all its acts, biological, psychological and social dimensions.
It means that intervenes not only developing physical strength but also has an impact on social and emotional part of the person. For example, stimulates the sense of fair play, respect for rules, coordinated effort, solidarity in interpersonal relationships, creativity and initiative of individuals or groups, emotional stability, improves self-esteem, reduces stress and anxiety.
There are studies on sport and its contribution to physical health, which states that improves memory, autonomy, sense of well-being, produces stability in personality, characterized by optimism, euphoria, and mental flexibility.
In this regard, we note that the healthy practices are fundamental to both child health and to the quality of life of adults.
In the V Congress of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition highlighted the importance of conducting sports activities for the development of physical, psychological and social aspects.
Furthermore, sport has a great influence on prevention of diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.
Sport opens the door to both the development and participation, encouraging skills such as teamwork, communication, negotiation and leadership, yet highlighting the participation and inclusion of all groups in society, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.
Moreover, brings fun to the participants.
The phenomenon of globalization entails integration in all terrains, from around the world. Communication networks (radio, tv, internet, telephone) remain connected all the countries of the planet.
In this context, it is inserted the migratory phenomenon. Population flows that are a challenge to our society, facing the phenomenon of cultural diversity and that questions on how to live together, how to understand society and invites us to think humanity as a community in which we have to live, accepting, understanding, respecting and building together.
Learning to live together, learning to live together is only possible knowing better the others, their history, their traditions, their spirituality, to create a new spirit that drives the implementation of joint projects or intelligent and peaceful resolution of the inevitable conflicts are the challenges of the future.
Education has the mission to contribute to that the development of capacity and skills needed to move into a global and diverse world, to recognize and know how to interact with other cultures.
In my opinion, the sport should be one of the cornerstones to achieve the mission.


The Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome thanks the participation of exhibitors and all those who commented and voted the presentations, as well as everyone who followed the reading of the submissions.

All contributions contain interesting elements. We point out below the most significant:

From Susana Zeballoslecture, we highlight the conception of sport as a support base of fundamental aspects of social life.
Concerning the presentation of caruli72, we emphasize the improvement that is achieved with the practice of learning a discipline and values ​​involved.
In Maurinhos5presentation, stands his remark on the influence of sports in the aspects related to the evolution of social life; sport as a form of educating individuals and as human recreational activity, useful for perfecting the technique; sport as encouraging brotherly feeling.
Of the reflection of csciccone, we underline the role of athletes as transmitters of language and cultural features and the need to highlight the human value of sport over the monetary value.
In the paper of marianoturziy, stands the idea of ​​learning to direct the powerful energy of unity and fraternal tone, as the generated by a world cup, to projects of national unity.
In Tina’s proposition, we distinguish her input on the communication quality of sport; sport as social container; sport as playful language to social relations.
About Sara‘s lecture, we appreciate the need to include sport as a daily activity to promote active lifestyles and healthy life; the importance of sport as a contribution to the integral formation of the human being; sport as one of the fundamental pillars of education.

The submissions raised the following reflections:
The idea of ​​proposing sports as one of the fundamental pillars of education is very interesting. If the educational system put the emphasis on the concept of sport more than on the concept of physical activity, it would very probably open a more suitable framework to the stimulation and development of positive aspects that are not encouraged or developed under the traditional discipline of “Physical Education”.

The traditional educational system usually put the accent on physical activity more than in sport in its fullest sense (sport is game, entertainment, but sport also involves learning techniques, tactics, strategies, healthy competition, respect, solidarity.). Physical activity and sport do not always match. Sport necessarily involves physical activity, which is contained in it, but the reverse does not always occur. Therefore, having sport a “greater status” in relation to mere physical activity regarding the potential for stimulation and development of positive aspects, it would be appropriate that the traditional educational system weighed both types of activities, either to confirm the continuity and preponderance of one over the other, either to emphasize and expand sports in its many types and variants.
Apparently, passage of “Physical Education” for “Sport” in schools could mean a breakthrough towards a more complete instance of individuals and societies training.

As witnessed by the presentations, sports bring benefits in many aspects ranging from physical to psychological, from simple wholesome entertainment to competition, from individual level to social level, etc.

At the individual level, a person practices and experiences emotions and values, both in individual and group sports. Furthermore, the individual can experience what means a process of personal and intimate improvement from a practice, with the particular detail that this process is done in a playful, cheerful way, and not necessarily with the specific aim of improving on a particular practice. One may possibly want to adapt this same experiential process to other areas of his life.

At group level, sports involve learning and practice of values, and a feedback of emotions. The mutual encouragement, learning to work in teams, companionship, entertainment and other subjects are in group sports a scope for its application. Sports team means a good life experience: the experience of interacting and relating with others by implementing ethical values.

One or those who play or compete reflect many of the referred aspects, which are then redeemed and valued at social level, becoming transmitters of values ​​and generators of positive energies for society.

Finally, sports is a good reason for the encounter and interaction between people of different cultures and idiosyncrasies, opening the possibility of expanding the understanding of the cultural diversity that human beings are capable.


Awarded presentation

It was decided to award the prize to Sara. Her proposal could mean a major change in children education, a change that can have very beneficial effects for society.

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