Successful meeting of the Club of Rome

Successful meeting of the Club of Rome

The Club of Rome held its traditional annual meeting, this year in Winterthur, where the headquarters of the organization is located.

The meeting was considered the most successful in recent years, with the participation of members from all continents who contributed with their admirable proposals and high intellectual breadth.

Among the most significant events of this International Meeting 2015, the presentation of Bishop Tomasz Trafny, Head of Science and Faith of the Holy See, who referred to “The Limits to Growth and the Encyclical “Laudatio si”: convergences and differences”, has been outstanding. His discourse gave place to an enthusiastic and fruitful discussion.

The Argentine Chapter’s Executive Director, Silvia Zimmermann del Castillo, was appointed to chair the commission of relations with the Vatican, in this brand-new stage of cooperation and exchange between the Holy See and the International Club of Rome.

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